So Much Luxury, So Little Time

The Bucket List issue: 2018 and Beyond

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2017 was a great year for my personal travels. India in April saw me living the life of a Maharaja, Victoria in May with a double date at the newly redone Empress hotel replete with float plane flights!  East Coast/ Fall Foliage/College tour in October, and the craziest boys trip to Costa Rica/Nicaragua ever in December. But...

The Jaded Agent is back and 2018 is our year. Attempting a newsletter at least once a month in 2018. It would be great to do twice a month but baby steps. A little housekeeping.  There will be swear words. I have been looking for some software that bleeps the bad words while I write but, so far no luck. Sometimes the descriptor, noun, verb, adverb, adjective is accurate what can I say. F#%k

Since this newsletter is about time, I am giving my 2018 trips planned and hopes, and at the end you will find my top 6 bucket list trips (below) and the ultimate Bucket list 2019 trip you should be planning for now.

Also three or four opportunities to join me on an epic food adventure!

My Tahiti trip got scrapped because my wife would rather go on her annual trip with her bookish friends to Mexico, drink tequila, smoke cigarettes and read 5 or 6 books by the pool than go with me to Tahiti. Truth be told we did go on the Paul Gauguin (my favorite ship) in 2016 but I was trying to make this an even year thing like the San Francisco Giants. My favorite team and my favorite islands.  My May trip to Spain got scrapped because the trip starts on May 28th and that is the day of my daughter’s graduation from high school. I tried to tell her it’s a rare occasion when you can get a resy for El Caller de can Roca and Tickets, but she wasn’t buying it. Keeping my fingers crossed that we will get into Eleven Madison first week of February!

Peru Project Join me

So because of these cancellations I have offered to lead a trip to Peru for a good client. I was going to do it in 2019 but what the beep! We are shooting for September. Lima has three restaurants in the Top 50 Restaurants in the world. We will have private access to all three and a few more.  Belmond just started their Andean Explorer train service from Arequipa to Cuzco in the fall of 2017. Think Orient Express (which they also own) only with newer cars, higher altitude, and trains with extra oxygen pumped in! Champagne anyone?  And this little place called Macchu Picchu… I have decided the only way to do more trips (and justify them to my wife) is to lead them so I am going to offer Peru this year and Peru and India next, or Peru and South Africa, or Peru and Chile, or Peru and anywhere. Peru is my favorite country in the world right now and it may be eclipsing Italy, and I don’t think we will tire of it anytime soon. I am limiting the group to four couples and myself, singles are cool too. Will take a group out with six, but to be accepted you need to write me a brief note as to why it would be great to have you along.  Want to find out more 503 962-9214

Berlin is on the books for June. I am doing a Germany trip with my daughter. The last time I was in Berlin the Wall was still up and I wasn’t much older than she is now. Berlin has just become so cool and 2018 is the year of Culinary Germany. Say no more, we will be there. My daughter is a food explorer and she will be game. I will probably be staying at four hotels in five days. The Kempinski Adlon (two-star Michelin chef who served us at a pop-up in Las Vegas last July!) and the scene of the original crime, The Regent (two-star Michelin chef) and my favorite hotel rep ever…  Das Stue with a backdoor entrance to the Zoo. What?  That's right, private entrance to the Berlin Zoo. And last but not least the Hotel de Rome another Rocco Forte masterpiece

South Africa

Once again, a redo but last time I was there, apartheid was still a thing. Light has been shed on this country and the world is a better place for it. Cape Town is a top five city in the world. Think Honolulu in the '50s meets San Francisco for the cool factor.  Stellenbosch, a wine region that is known but undervalued. Their secret is that the best stuff never leaves the country. I am shooting for the first week of December in 2018. Maybe the best is what I would term the “gateway drug” for entry into the Safari world. The game viewing is super civilized and Lux!  TBA December

New York

By the time you get this newsletter I will be In New York meeting the faces of my new company and playing valet/major domo/event planner for my wife. Updating my “Jaded agent takes on NY blog and dining and drinking….. Feb 3-8 for any New Yorkers that want to get together and plan their next trip. Call me.


Weird, never been overnight in Chi town. I have clients from there. Foodie and hotel hook-ups. I love the Cubs; they are the closest to the Giants.  Frank Lloyd Wright, the House of Blues, and Pizza. Two of the top 50 Restaurants in the world. I will be staying at four hotels in six days or maybe we will just move there next… Not sure when but I want to go in 2018! This will be the first meeting of Dine around U.S. Chef’s tables for no more than three couples with my wife and me. TBA late October Early November 6 couples MAX

Some Other Places in My Top 10

  • Italy. Always Italy.  My friend Claudia is doing Villa experiences in Puglia. Puglia is like San Diego year-round--great weather. Puglia be in a subsequent newsletter.
  • India an ever-fascinating country.
  • Spain. Every bit of it but mostly Barcelona and Catalonia


The Ultimate Bucket list Trip

Now the idea about a bucket list is that there is little time and what to do with our precious time left... Bearing this in mind the Ultimate is the” Vacation of time.” The one thing that is more precious than everything!

  • Want to reconnect with your partner? No need to put that time on the calendar. Fall back in love again!
  • Want to lose weight? In six months you're there and have all the tools to accomplish this. It's Canyon Ranch at Sea. Is that how you will spend your $7,200 in shipboard credit?
  • Want to decompress? Salt air, good books and deckchairs will put you well on your way.
  • Want to check off your next ten bucket list trips? How 'bout the best stops of 40 countries across 5 continents?
  • Don't sweat the small stuff: No laundry, no cooking, no cleaning. No tipping, and beverages and shore excursions are covered.
  • Actually less expensive per day than hotels in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Miami, L.A…..

"Sounds great, Steve," you say. "But what is it?"

Two words: World. Cruise.

In 2019 (a year to plan) Oceania Insignia is to offer a 180-day Around the World cruise. Think about the magic of unplugging for six months. Reconnecting to your spouse and family. A luxury experience where you don’t have to worry about a thing. No laundry, cooking, cleaning where you have the best opportunity to transform your life. Daily Spa, Spa or Vegetarian cuisine and focus solely on maximizing your time ashore and seeing the whole world with one lens. Noting the amazing places that are creating your new bucket list. Gather yourself with literally no distraction so on your return you have become a rested, focused, higher version of yourself. I can imagine nothing higher on a bucket list. Price is not light at $60K per person for a balcony. So, don’t buy that Tesla; wait until 2020 and by then it will be even more improved anyhow. Air BNB your house for six months or have an incoming professor at your local university stay and take it off your taxes. Change your life in six months. I should have an infomercial!