The Best of the Willamette Valley

IPNC the most epic Pinot Event in the world.

IPNC the most epic Pinot Event in the world.


The Willamete Valley is one of the most underrated wine areas in the US. It is better known worldwide as an epic Pinot spot that can at times rival their big brother Burgandy. Just like Burgandy, people come to these unassuming towns like Newberg, McMinnville, Carlton, Dundee and other smaller places to taste some of the best wines made in the world. 

It may be the most discovered undiscovered place ever. It sits right up against Portland--you can go leave baggage claim at PDX and be drinking wine in a vineyard in under an hour.  Portland was Saveur magazine's 2014 readers' choice "best culinary destination" for a reason. It's effing awesome.

Most wineries are by appointment only which means they don't have to have a staff minding the tasting room so they can focus on making great wine. They do however open the wineries twice a year. The day after Thanksgiving and New Years Eve. FUN FUN FUN (with a designated driver).

It's great the rest of the year too and a lot quieter. If you are interested I have been to at least 50 wineries and there are another 20 on my radar. Give me a call and we'll put something together.

Oh, I almost forgot! Every year in July they have the IPNC International Pinot Noir Celebration. Think the Napa Valley wine auction only a little more interesting. You might run into Raj Parr (pictured above).


Pictures IPNC, Lemelson Vineyard, Alexana and Allison Inn and Spa