The Grand Tour of Switzerland

What makes Switzerland so fucking cool? Is that really a question? If you are into mountains, it's the greatest country on Earth. If you are into spas, it's the greatest country on Earth. If you are into lakes, it's the greatest country on Earth. 

First, it's a metaphor for peace. Although the waters are murky, Switzerland is the only country to be Neutral in all World Wars. It's the home of Amnesty International and several NGOs where furthering the peace process is in their mission statement. The peace treaty for World War I was signed in Geneva, Switzerland and the UN was formed there in 1946.

Enough of the politics: Switzerland is one of the coolest (literally) places on Earth. If you want a true taste of Europe in one trip, then Switzerland is the place to go. More than 50% of the population is fluent in four languages: German, Italian, French and English though many speak Spanish too. In most Swiss schools, four languages are taught. There is a number of the population that speak many more languages some people speak dozens of languages. 

Let's talk travel: If you like the best of the best in mountains (hello, Alps!), lakes, spas, food, drink: Switzerland is calling your name. The Jaded Agent is here to help you hear that call. It's both a winter and summer playland where your zest for fresh air adventure and the good life can only be matched by your pocketbook. It is a melting pot in the very best and most LUX way imaginable.

Now there are two trips to fully experience Switzerland that will make you say 'where do I sign up?!': by rail and by road.

Rail, in my opinion, is the very best way to travel. It beats road trips by a slight margin only because the driver never gets to enjoy the trip as much as the passengers. You are literally touring by watching the countryside move by. There is only one thing fucked up about train trips and that is luggage. Even if you have packed light, invariably someone in your party has packed a small Volkswagen to take on the trip though they are often the only one on your trip that are physically smaller than that VW. Now in conjunction with Swiss Rail and several hotels you can pack your bag up in your room and unpack it in the next city location in your room and never touch your bags. HOW FUCKING COOL IS THAT. And for those who have the driver that will fall on the sword for the team... drive everywhere, be the designated driver and the overall responsible party on the trip... there is now an electric car option for you too. Currently Switzerland is the only country to offer this service. Who would have guessed? Besides the Jaded Agent, of course. Now I really think that this will make my phone ring and if it doesn't just go away. Just kidding-- everyone has a travel style and this may not be yours. But why not try it and see?

By Rail:

Experience breathtaking scenery in panoramic Switzerland by train at any time of year and have your baggage meet you at every stop, conveniently shipped from hotel to hotel. Sip a coffee in a Swiss cafe, take a guided tour in a museum packed with art, ski the Alps, bike along a mountain lake, relax at a luxury hotel, savor the perfect Swiss chocolate -- on a Swiss vacation you will find a variety of experiences sure to please, all in a stunning setting. 

8-day/7-night package itinerary:

  • 1st day: Swiss airport/Border station, Interlaken
  • 2nd day: Interlaken, Jungfraujoch, Interlaken
  • 3rd day: Interlaken, Montreaux
  • 4th day: Montreaux, Zermatt
  • 5th day: Zermatt, Glacier Express, St. Moritz
  • 6th day: St. Moritz, Bernina Express, Lugano
  • 7th day: Lugano, Bellinzona, Gotthard, Lucerne
  • 8th day: Lucerne, Zurich Airport or any other Swiss airport or border station

By Road:

From lakeshores to glaciers, from medieval villages to buzzing cities – the Grand Tour of Switzerland holds an incredible number of sights. The concentration of attractions is unrivaled worldwide and you can discover Switzerland at your own pace on a road trip.

Now available: The World's First Road Trip Tour for Electric Vehicles! 200 charging stations over the 1,000 mile Grand Tour route are ideally located at hotels, restaurants and landmarks. 

3-day, 5-day, and 10-day tour itineraries recommended.